Feature Request: 4th Button for 100% Sentences: - Known (And never show again)

Hi Clozemaster team!

Really enjoying the site and the newly added buttons for 100% sentences - easy, normal, hard are extremely useful. (would love it if we could have it on the app too)

However, even if we click the “easy” button, the sentence will still show up in a way, however there are sentences that we would never need to be reminded of again, e.g. thank you, welcome, bye, I am a man, she is a woman etc. but after being marked as “easy” they will still pile up and show up altogether on a given day maybe few months down the road.

Would you consider adding a fourth button after “easy” and make it “known” so that it won’t ever show again? Right now the alternative is mark as “ignore” individually, which isn’t meant to be used in this way.

Thank you!


Is this perhaps what you need : the “ignore” button?


@JioMc Ah ha! This was one of my “not sure what it’s for” buttons. Now I know, so thank you for literally pointing it out. Have a good day! . .


Beware of excessive use of the Ignore button, though. I raised this subject in this thread. If you start hitting it on every sentence that you feel you’ve mastered it can play merry havoc with your sentences played and sentences mastered counts, as per Mike’s response.

At the moment for FFT I’m setting the review time to “Never” (which doesn’t really make it “Never” but sends the review date out by about 100 years or so), but that is a blunt instrument; it works on all questions, or none.

I would still like to see a “Known” button make an appearance so that we can consign questions to the distant future on a question by question basis.


@LuciusVorenusX Thanks for wise words. ClozeM gets more interesting by the day. Ciao, have a good week.

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The ignore button has its purpose but it is not the correct solution.

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of words that I do not need to see again in my reviews. And yet every 180 days my review queue will fill up again with these words. The longer I play, the more useless reviews I will see. This is annoying and is a huge waste of my time.

You do not have access to the ignore button until you have played the word, so you are forced to play the word, then tap the ignore button, then tap the confirmation dialog button, then wait a short moment while the your action is processed. This is far too clumsy and time consuming. It is a arguably a bigger waste of time than just tapping “next” and moving on to the next word. I have to do this for HUNDREDS OF WORDS? :frowning:

Also “ignore” does not mean the same thing as “learned.”

I would like to see a “learned” button on the first screen of 100% learned words. Tapping it would put the word in a frozen state and remove it from the review queue forever unless the user specifically adds it back. Also, if a confirmation dialog is absolutely necessary, please only show it once per session.


Point taken. That does seem like a good idea.

@LuciusVorenusX I remember your thread - thanks for clarifying further.