Favorite foreign music artists?

I think listening and singing along to music in a foreign language is extremely helpful for pronunciation. I’m looking for some more music to listen to in Russian, Italian and French so I figured I’d ask you guys for recommendations. If you have any you listen to, please share!

Some of my Russian favorites are:

Папин Олимпос
Poshlaya Molly
Ivan Dorn
Potap & Nastya
Три дня дождя


Lous and The Yakuza

And I don’t know of any in Italian yet. The only “Italian” music I listen to is Ludovico Einaudi. But it’s all instrumental lol.


@cdemora ciao. Fabrizio de André is great for clear diction (Italian) I love his version of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” and Pavarotti too is known for this, as well as being a joy to listen to. I don’t know much modern stuff except my favourite Italian rapper Caparezza.

For an emotional wall of sound, try Il coro Brigata Alpina Julia (Ave Maria) or Il Coro Bacchus Sulis (their “Signore delle Cime” is out of this world if you like male voices).

Incidentally I learn some of the tenses by singing and playing them to the tune of “Suzanne”. A fun way to learn.

Enjoy! A dopo…


Thank you for those russian artists, I would listen to them.

I listen to a lot of italian music, I don’t know if you would like them (HardRock, blackmetal,etc), anyway here there are some I like:

Still Burnin’ Youth
Blind Justice
Bull Brigade
Nerthus Division


Hi! I absolutely love listening and singing along. It is fun to go through the new CM sentences and recognize the words I have already heard in those songs. My favorite singers are: Italian : Andrea Bocelli, Adriano Celentano, Toto Cutugno, Gigliola Cinquetti, Al Bano and Romina Power. French: Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu, Joe Dassin, Johnny Hallyday. Russian: Pelageya. Also, if I ever get stuck on lyrics, I go to the lyricstranslate. It is a great place to find translations of the songs in any language to any language. Enjoy!


Ciao, thanks for the suggestions! I couldn’t find a couple of them on Spotify, so I’ll see if I can find them on YouTube.


No problem! If you like metal, I’d start with Биопсихоз.

For the Italian artists, I just added all of their most popular songs into a playlist on Spotify. I’ll explore deeper from there. Thanks!


Me too, pretty much all the music I listen to is foreign. I’m actually considering making Cloze Collections out of the lyrics to some of them. Thanks for the suggestions! I found them all!


Floria7! I loved your suggestion on “Signore delle Cime”. It is a beautiful piece. Although it is hard for me to hear the words when the choir is singing , I greatly enjoyed it. Thank you! I think you might like the Georgian polyphonic singing ( great male voices singing in harmony, acapella). And since we are on a musical wave now, I think I know whose version of “Casta Diva” you prefer ( I love that picture of her next to your name), but Montserrat Caballe, Dame Joan Sutherland and Anna Netrebko have their own fans. So, thank you guys for reminding me to listen more to my favorite Italian songs!


Hi @barcarolle Indeed, you mention the greats. Add to it the most wonderful “Casta Diva” by Sondra Radvanovsky, for me the next best thing after Maria. Here are the words. Very simple but very beautiful, written by Bepi de Marzi for friend who died in the mountains. Thanks for the Georgian reminder!

Merry Christmas.

Dio del cielo,
Signore delle cime,
un nostro amico
hai chiesto alla montagna.
Ma ti preghiamo, ma ti preghiamo:
Su nel Paradiso
lascialo andare
per le tue montagne.

Santa Maria,
Signora della neve,
copri col bianco,
soffice mantello,
il nostro amico,
il nostro fratello.
Su nel Paradiso
lascialo andare
per le tue montagne.