Fatti, non parole.

Latin “acta non verba”. So, with time “acta” was replaced with “fatti” to become an expression : actions, not words. (Is this right?) In today’s Italian when they say “fatti” they do not always mean “facts”? My question is how do they tell apart “fatti” and “azioni”? Those are still two different words with two different meanings for the most part. Expression aside , are they two interchangeable in modern Italian ?

I would think we would know which fatti to use by the rest of the sentence.

Non mi piacciono i tuoi fatti. By the rest of the sentence can you tell me if I do not like your facts or your actions? Or maybe better : Bisogna pensare ai fatti. Facts or actions here? I bet in some situations it is a life and death difference.

Non mi sono piaciute le tue azioni in questo caso.
Non mi sono piaciuti i fatti in questo caso.

Non mi piacciono i fatti che hai fornito in questa indagine.
Non mi piacciono le azioni che hai intrapreso in questa indagine.

Non sono perfetti ma meglio di niente no?