Fast track (per level) or common words + settings

Hi, I am fairly new to the app and I want to improve my Spanish from an A2 level to B1/2.
What is the best way to use the app?
The fast track per level or the most common words?
My goal is to read in Spanish, communicate on visits to Spain and to be able to watch Spanish tv shows.

Also, what are the best settings for max reviews and the interval percentages?

Welcome to the forum and the app.

All your questions were just asked, and answered:

In the future, please use the forum‘s search function before asking questions. Especially, if they are so basic.

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Welcome! It’s never easy when you’re a newbie here; oops I probably asked the very same questions. Viviamo e impariamo;-)


Try both in parallel. That’s what I do with German.
The common words will give you some advantages as you will get the same word in several different contexts, which aids understanding.

I use the default settings for reviews, but I find it useful to start each session with reviews only before moving onto new words. Otherwise the backlog builds up too much.

You might also want to try the options in Clozemaster for reading articles written in Spanish.