Fass mich nicht noch mal an!

English Translation

Don’t touch me again.

Fass = “Barrel? I don’t understand this sentence

One key point to notice is the little “an” at the end of the sentence. This is actually part of the verb, anfassen. which means in this example, “to touch”. This separation of the verb into parts is quite common in German, so you’ll likely notice it a lot more often in the future now that you know about it.

I’d translate the sentence as, “Don’t touch me again!”.


If you put this sentence into Google Translate one word at a time, it takes two words to made “fass” turn from “barrel” into “touch” or “catch.” What blogscot wrote is crucial, and if what’s under a word in a Clozemaster sentence doesn’t make sense, it’s probably been misidentified like this. Particularly prefix verbs that send half of themselves to the end of the sentence.