Farà mica paura?

“Wasn’t it scary?”, is that an accurate translation?

Ciao! I took it to be “Won’t it be (a bit) scary?” I wonder what others think?

A dopo…

(Edit: a madrelingua confirms this as correct, mica = tiny bit, crumb etc.)

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I understand “mica” to mean “at all” – with “non…mica” meaning “it’s not like…” or “not at all”. So here (literally): “Will it be scary at all”? or “Will it not be scary?” An implied negative that doesn’t work well in English I think.

I’d love a madrelingua answer here!

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Ciao. Piero in the Italian Forum confirms (as previous post) that mica means a tiny bit, a crumb.

Tiny word with lots of meaning. Ciao.