Falsch ist das Geschlecht des Menschen.

I don’t really understand this word “Geschlecht”. Like, it most often means “sex” or “gender” as in male or female (not quite sure if it refers to biological sex or socially constructed gender though, that’s another question I have) but I also see it used to mean “race” like here, in a biological sense, and occasionally it seems to be used in association with lineages of a family.

German doesn’t have a proper noun for sex as in gender. We usually use gender to refer to the self-identification of someone and Geschlecht as in sex.
Basically, the whole segment of Gender studies is just taken from English and barely translated with all the technical terms remaining English.

Geschlecht as in heritage is only used in the context of Adelsgeschlecht (and outdated since the relevance of the remaining nobility has been socially decimated over the course of the years).

The usage in this particular sentence is rather old as well, I’d imagine this sentence to originate from a book written somewhere in between 1700 and 1918.

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