Facevo solo finta di essere un dottore. Io non sono un vero dottore.

English Translation

I just pretend to be a doctor. I’m not a real doctor.

I don’t think the tenses are in agreement between the Italian and English sentence here.

For the English “I just pretend” I would expect “Faccio solo finta”.

For “Facevo solo finta” I would expect “I was just pretending” or “I just pretended”.

Curious to hear what others think. Somehow I had managed to get this sentence to 100 % Mastered previously without ever wondering about this…


Ciao sindaco. Totally agree with “I was just pretending to be a doctor”.

I too had passed this one over so I’m glad you raised it not only for the tense but for the faccio finta.

A dopo…