Et on s'est tapé un cageot.

Can anyone explain this one? The translation is “And we got a free pizza.”

I had to double check to understand how this could ever be related but apparently “to get a free pizza” is an expression to say “to have sex with an ugly girl” according to 10 users on Urban Dictionary, with close to 0 other reference online. Sounds like a group of friends trying to create their own meme/expression…

Aaaaand… in this group of friends, one of them probably decided to translate it into French on Tatoeba, so here we go:

“Se taper quelqu’un” is a familiar, non-neutral way of saying either

  • “to end up with”: Je me suis tapé le professeur de Maths à l’exam.
  • “to get laid with”: Je me suis tapé la fille du bar.
    se taper — Wiktionnaire

And cageot is a lousy street expression to say “ugly girl”. It originally means the wooden boxes of vegetables and fruits that markets stack together. It’s been over 10 years since I actually heard/read this word again.

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@Kalzem, good work, but what a misleading translation to put on Tatoeba…

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