Errors in transcription mode - Italian

I just tried using the new “transcription mode” in Italian, which shows great promise. However, it is not programmed to recognize a successful entry, but instead marks the designated cloze wrong in every sentence.

I just tried six sentences. Four of them I got correctly (words shown green on the screen, and clearly correct based my knowledge of Italian.). However, on a hard “return” entry to submit the answer every sentence was marked wrong, with no points credit given and the cloze word underlined as an error. It seems to be a formatting incompatibility of some kind in which the programming for the cloze doesn’t work with text entry?

At any rate, it seems like it will be a fun option if/when it gets fixed.

Did you put a period or a question mark at the end of each sentence?
I’ve already requested Clozemaster to change the system. But no update so far.
Learn more about glitches and updates of the transcribe mode here: A couple of issues with the the Transcribe (beta) mode

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I don’t want to be a pain but I’ve had no setbacks with this feature. The only time I’ve had input refused was when I didn’t use the accent letters - I kept trying “a”, got mega frustrated until I realised it needed the “à” key or the “è” etc.

Edit: @mike Later, just completed 10 transcripts (Reviews) all accepted, no problems, but no points given. It’s not the end of the world, perhaps cos it’s in beta, I’ll just revert to text for the rest of my reviews.

Edit: @mike Double-checked today and Transcripts (hard) definitely don’t register or count towards your daily target. A great exercise nonetheless.

@Dcarl1 has a point. Again today, entered two right answers but neither registered the x 2 points.

As of April 22, a period/question mark is no longer required. Thank you @mike and the Clozemaster tech team for the update!


Thanks so much @mike and the team! Everything working well now, a great extra feature! I’m surprised how much Cloze has improved my listening and this helps even more. Grazie mille!