Ero stanca, quindi sono andata dritta a letto.

English Translation

I was tired, so I went straight to bed.

Says the girl. Would the guy say: " Ero stanco, quindi sono andato dritto a letto"? The word dritta said by a girl, which means straight and has no gender modification in English ,changes to dritto if the guy says it? ( Strong suspicion here about the grammar rule that I still did not learn). As always, please correct me.

If you follow the “sentence source” link you can indeed find the male equivalent: “Ero stanco, quindi sono andato dritto a letto”, as a parallel translation.

It seems that this is a case where Italian prefers to use adjectives where other languages use adverbs.

I wonder if it would be allowable for a woman to say “sono andata dritto”, using the immutable adverb.