Era sorpreso di impararlo.

English Translation

He was surprised to learn this.

I have to question whether “imparare” is the right verb for this kind of learning. Here it means to discover or find out. Wouldn’t “apprenderlo” or even “saperlo” be more appropriate?


I am generally reluctant to say that a certain choice of a word is wrong without knowing the context.

“Aveva 62 anni quando ha iniziato a suonare il pianoforte. Non pensava che le sue vecchie dita sarebbero state in grado di tenere il passo, ma era sopreso di impararlo.”

Wrong? I don’t think so (but please, correct any mistakes).

You are right, there are more situations, where other words are fitting. It is typically CM to have these choices and very often the less probable solution is the one wanted.


You’ve hit the nail on the head @anon94972132. I think that learning to think Italian is also useful, particularly where there’s no context to help.