Er sprach gestern bei mir im Büro vor.

English Translation

He called on me at my office yesterday.

bei jemandem vor|sprechen = to pay a visit to someone

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Vorsprechen has two meanings:

  1. speak for someone else to repeat (and “nachsprechen” would be “to repeat after someone”)
  2. visit someone for a request or because you got summoned

The second meaning is the one used here. But it is not a simple visit, like with family or friends.
Vorsprechen is used when you get called to your boss or when you have a request to make (i.e. present your case), or you’re at a job interview or casting.

See also: vorsprechen – Schreibung, Definition, Bedeutung, Synonyme, Beispiele | DWDS

The english “he called on me” is pretty fitting.
This page defines it as “to ask someone in a formal way to do something”:

CALL ON SOMEONE | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary