Er gibt nur vor den Mädchen an.

English Translation

He’s just showing off in front of the girls.

angeben = to show off

This one is confusing because “angeben” can also mean “to specify” something, and I believe it’s related to the word “die Angabe” (the details).

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You are right, but please be aware that there are also different meanings of the noun " Angabe":

  1. statement, detail, specification (as you said)
  2. bragging (connected to the meaning of angeben is this sentence here)
    There is also the “Angeber” (braggard, poser)
  3. Serve (right for the first ball like in tennis or volleyball, often also “Aufschlag”)

If “angeben” means “specify”, it needs an object, if it means “bragging” is can be used with “mit”:
“Er gibt nur vor / bei den Mädchen mit seinen Muskeln an.”
“Er gibt bei der Polizei an, zur Tatzeit in Berlin gewesen zu sein.”