Er erkannte schnell, dass er bestohlen worden war.

English Translation

He soon realised that he had been robbed.

again not too precise, ts-ts-ts


Do you mean the difference between “to rob” =“rauben” and “to steal” = “stehlen”?
It is true, but unfortunately, I have never heard “steal” in the passive.
Maybe an English native has an idea?

Otherwise, the translation looks okay to me.

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Me neither.
Well, you can say “My car has been stolen”, but that of course means that the car is gone.

If you say “He soon realised that he had been stolen”, it would mean “gestohlen”, not “bestohlen”, i.e. he had been abducted. English does not have separate words to express the difference between “be-” and “ge-”. For “to rob” the context disambiguates, but I have never seen “to steal” used that way.

And besides, even though “to rob” is usually by force and point blank threat, it does not match the part where he only realized it after the fact. I’d say you would notice being threatened…

So “bestohlen” is a reasonable translation, I think.

(disclaimer: I am not a native English speaker)

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