En avez-vous un ?

English Translation

Do you have one?

Why isn’t it “Avez-vous un”? Why do we need to you “en”?

You can think of the en as meaning “of it, of them etc.” in English.

In a number of cases it is compulsory, where other languages wouldn’t require it.

As an example, in English in response to the question “Do you have any French language books”, we might say “I have three of them”, or alternatively just “I have three” (or “I’ve got three” etc.). In French you would need to include the en and say “J’en ai trois”.

I don’t know your level of confidence in French, but if you feel like watching a 10-minute video explanation aimed at learners, from a Frenchman who speaks in a soft, clear, relatively slow manner, then I can recommend this video -

Ne dites pas «J’ai deux.» - YouTube

(If you’re not confident, then you could turn on closed captions if that helps)