Empoigne-s-en autant que tu en as besoin.

can someone explain this sentence? I’ve never seen the “s” between hyphens before.

I’d say it simply has to do with the pronounciation of the word. Two e successively would be ugly and you couldn’t distinguish the words from pronounciation.

Double hyphen is WRONG.

In French, all 1st group verbs at Imperatif tense (2nd pers singular) don’t have any “s” :

  • Mange le plat
  • Range ta chambre
  • Joue dans ta chambre

But if they are followed by “en” or “y”, they have an “s”:

  • Manges-en
  • Joues-y
  • Vas-y (not 1st group, but still works)

Kalzem is correct. You can read about it here: