Eliminate silly GIF on level up

Is there any way to get rid of the cheesy celebration gif that pops up when a new level is reached. It’s childish and requires that it be dismissed before proceeding. VERY annoying when it pops up in the middle of a run.

I understand others have posted about them as well, so I’m just voicing another opinion against them.

Other than that I’m enjoying clozemaster. I think it’s going to be very effective for me.

You can turn off the level-up notification via the “Game Settings”. The setting pane is not accessible from “Account” settings under the dashboard, so you need to start playing a lesson (either “play” or “review” mode).

Browser Version on a PC

Scroll down to the bottom.

iOS Version
The gear icon is on the right upper side on the iOS app.

Hope this helps and keep enjoying Clozemaster!


Thank you so much for the fast reply. Lots of useful stuff on that panel.

Very happy with clozemaster overall. I think the audio files might be the clearest I’ve encountered on any of these language apps. I have a hearing disability which makes learning to speak a language very challenging. I have very little difficulty understanding the Norwegian clozemaster files.

Thanks again.


No way remove it! It’s just a few tiny seconds of lighthearted fun during a solid couple of hours learning. Compare it with Duo and this quick popup will seem like absolutely nothing! :slight_smile:



Actually, it was easily removed following Ms Fixer’s procedure. I got the idea that it might be removable from my Duolingo experience. They have a lot more animations, but virtually all of them can be eliminated with a click also.

We’re lucky to have so many quality language learning tools available to us. We’re also lucky that they can be customized to some extent to match our own likes and dislikes. I’ve been quite happy with my progress with Duolingo first, and now LingQ and Clozemaster. No serious complaints about any of those three.


Very glad you’re enjoying Clozemaster.

Happy learning!!