Eles decidiram esquecer antigas mágoas.

English Translation

They have decided to put aside old wounds.

márgoas = sorrows, grief
ferimentos = wounds

Actually: “mágoas = sorrows, grieves”

wouldn’t grievances be a better word?

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Yes, “grievances”. Sorry, I aimed for the plural of “grief”. :melting_face:

As a native english speaker, ‘grievances’ to me usually signifies the feeling of being wronged and having complaints, often against others more than just the sadness.

However, wiktionary includes ‘resentment’ as a definition of ‘mágoa’, so maybe that is best.

For a great example, consider the ‘festivus’ episode of Seinfeld: AIRING OF GRIEVANCES - YouTube

I agree that grieves is not correct. Grievances, however can signify a complaint. I checked the dictionary and griefs is given as the plural. So I think the translation could read:sorrows and griefs. I think that griefs is still and awkward word.

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Check Youglish site
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Funny. Native english speaker and I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say ‘griefs’.