El abia a ajuns.

English Translation

He has just arrived.

“El abia a ajuns” is a Romanian sentence that could be translated into English as “He has only just arrived.” Let’s break down the sentence for someone learning Romanian grammar:

"El" means "he" and is a personal pronoun in the nominative case. It is used as the subject of the sentence.
"Abia" is an adverb that means "just" or "only just." It suggests that the action has occurred not long ago, emphasizing the immediacy or the short time that has passed since the occurrence.
"A ajuns" is the verb phrase in the perfect simple tense, which in this case is composed of two elements:
    "A" is the auxiliary verb for the perfect simple tense of the third person singular. In Romanian, the perfect simple tense (perfectul simplu or perfectul compus) is formed by using the auxiliary verb "a avea" (to have) in the present tense followed by the past participle of the main verb.
    "Ajuns" is the past participle of the verb "a ajunge," which means "to arrive."

Thus, the structure of the sentence follows the Romanian format for a perfect simple tense construction with the adverb “abia” placed before the verb to indicate the recency of the action. The sentence is saying that the subject, “he,” has arrived recently or only just now.