Ein Wunder ist ein Ereignis, das von Leuten beschrieben wird, denen es erzählt wurde von Leuten, die es nicht gesehen haben.

This is one of those sentences where the differences in word order relative to English make it hard for me to intuitively unpack the meaning. I totally get how it fits together when I think about it, but it isn’t fully natural or intuitive to me to understand it when reading or hearing it at normal speeds.

I wonder if there is a good way I can get better at quickly parsing these sorts of constructions mentally? I find it tricky to practice this sort of thing because I don’t encounter these complex sentences all that frequently so it’s hard to get practice in them.

Or is this sentence just confusing even to native speakers?

I’d think that is constructed as complicated on purpose, for whatever reason.

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Reminds me of being assigned to read Michel Foucault during a political science course my first semester in college. I loved the class overall but I absolutely hate that man and I think he has no business ever putting words on a page.

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