Editing the Cloze Sentence

I’m pretty sure I saw a way to edit the Cloze word in a sentence, but I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything about this.

For example, in the sentence “Do you think Obama can speak Spanish?” OBAMA is the Cloze. Obviously that is not the word I’m trying to learn in my target language. THINK would be better.

I have about 100 of these where proper nouns are the Cloze, which makes no sense to me.

TLDR: Is there a way to edit the original cloze sentence?

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It depends on the collection. In short, if it’s a custom collection you can edit whatever you want. If it’s a built in collection you can “edit” things like the translation or notes, but not the cloze. (I put “edit” in quotes because apparently this just creates a copy of the question for you. No change occurs to the original.)

Thus in the built in Fluency Fast Track, I can edit the question like so:

But when I do so the option to edit the cloze is not there:

But if I edit a question in one of my custom collections:

(Aside: You can also get to a slightly different edit page via the “Manage” button, but you get the same results):

Then I can change whatever I want, including the text and cloze. My guess is that this is because unlike the built ins, my collections don’t need to link back to a source system. I AM the source system:


No, not directly (because you’re not the owner of the sentence). But indirectly, you can.

You need to copy the sentence into a collection of your own.

Then you can click the Ignore button on the original sentence, and edit the copy in your own collection (of which you are the owner) like @LuciusVorenusX perfectly explained.


Thanks a bunch. I must’ve seen it in a collection before. Very helpful.


Thanks a lot! That was a helpful summary.


Instead of copying and editing. there’s an even quicker option: you can click on any word you want to use as a new cloze and choose “Add to collection” in the popout (or slideout, depending on your setup). You may even be able to create clozes spanning multiple adjacent words using this method.

All this applies to the browser interface, AFAICT there’s no support for adding to custom collections in the app.


Thank you for that. I’ll crack the PC open later this month & see how it works

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