È troppo tardi. Ci vedremo a casa.

Italian sentence = “I’ll see you AT home” ?


Ciao @rmh1010 I first read this as “I’ll see you home!” and would have expected “Ci vediamo a casa”. But “troppo tardi” is “too late” so perhaps here we’re saying “It’s too late, I’ll see you at home”. It will be interesting to read other thoughts.

It is interesting you did read it as “I’ll see you home!” @Floria7 (which is indeed the provided corresponding translation). To me that sounds like “I will walk you home/ensure you get home safely.” Is that also how you’re reading it, or would that translation carry a different meaning for you?

To me it feels like a mistranslation, exactly like @rmh1010 is suggesting.

The French translation does also seems to correspond to “I’ll see you at home”:
Il est trop tard. On se verra à la maison.

I have no idea how you’d say “I’ll see you home” in the sense of “I’ll make sure you get home safely by accompanying you”, but I’d expect something more along the lines of “Ti/La/Vi porterò/accompagnerò/scorterò a casa” or the corresponding “we” version (“we’ll make sure you (guys/gals) get home safely”).

The “Ci vedremo” to me sounds like you(/we) are addressing one or multiple people from the same household, whom you are not with at the moment, and whom you were planning to meet up with, but given the late hour, have decided that you’ll just see each other when you get home instead.

I guess I could just as easily be misinterpreting the English as the Italian sentence here though, this is just the first impression that I got, hence why I’m curious to hear your thoughts too.

Ciao @sindaco. Yes, that’s exactly how I read it, get home safely etc, as we say “Ci vediamo domani!” and I took “a casa” as home. I thought “ci vedremo a casa” (let’s see you home) might be the less formal version of “Ti porterò a casa”.

I’ve just checked my translator and it gives me “Ci vediamo a casa” for “I’ll see you home”. Veeery interesting!

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What (who) might that be, if I may inquire? :wink:

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You’ll cross me off your Christmas card list now, - OK, I’ll admit to using a Google translator but also a good app English to Italian (Suvorov-Development). I also look at Reverso etc, but generally use my E to I app.

Always happy to be corrected though and I’m still thinking about the “vedremo a” as “at home” … :wink: