È ovvio che hai mentito.

English Translation

It’s evident that you told a lie.

òvvio, not ovvìo.


It’s evident that you told a lie.Hai mentito - I am talking to you, la macchina. Say òvvio!

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I copied a sentence containing ovvio to a private collection, and the built-in Android TTS pronounces it correctly. Shame on Carla and Giorgio!


Oh dear, poor Giorgio e Carla, they’re taking a beating these days.

Sorry chaps, I still luv em and think Cloze is the best. No offence;-)

Sorry Floria7. There is nothing wrong in wanting wrong to be right. I believe no one takes pleasure in bashing wrong pronunciations, after all they are fundamental in any language. Try saying words wrong , you will be misunderstood or you will make no sense at all. This ovvio example is just extreme because every single òvvio in the thread is ovvìo, and when you put them in the collections they become òvvio. Those algorithms make you repeat them many times and the wrong pronunciation is just hammered in your head. Is this what you approve of or are paying for? Hope not. What I am saying there is a lot of room to improve here, too bad I already learned a bunch of words wrong.

Ciao barcarolle. Incidentally Ovvio is obvious in view of the vv, so I tended to just move on. We react differently is all, no problem, keep pointing out the errors which will undoubtedly benefit everyone far more than moving on. (I probably tend to overlook things having left behind Duo’s less than encouraging forum:-)

Tanti auguri a te!

(Of interest to fellow learners, Busuu is probably one of the most accurate and error-free language sites around. But there’s no friendly forum, even for go-pros).

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Looks like I understood you literally here, hence my reaction to your defense of these wrongdoers. If Duo forum is the reason, I can see it, but we are not in Duo anymore. Happy learning to you! In this “ovvio” example it was garbage in - garbage out. It is not my idea of a good service. This is all I wanted to say.