È il carattere a fare la differenza.

English Translation

It is the character that makes the difference.

Can we also say here “È il carattere che fa la differenza”?

Grazie in anticipo.


I do not know whether is correct (I rarely do) but your translation is exactly what I would have said.

Or maybe " Il carattere è quel che fa la differenza"?

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Hi. My trusty translator gives me simply “Character makes the difference”. It’s the “a fare” that gives me pause.

A dopo…

Your translation is perfectly fine, but the original version is also a commonly used pattern.

“che fa” is perfectly equivalent to “a fare”.

There are many constructs that take a preposition + infinitive form:

For example da+infinitive implies the infinitive sentence is a consequence of the first:

Sono così stanco da dormire in piedi → I am so tired that I am sleeping on my feet.

I have tried looking up for a good reference about it, but I only found the following:

This is about “preposition+infinitive” pattern, although in this case, the initial sentence is a predicate rather than a verb:

Here is a more general list of rules about the infinitive, that includes a section about prepositions.


Thank you so much @mike-lima. It’s always good to learn “another way” of saying things. This is so helpful.