E i maiali potrebbero volare!

English Translation

And pigs might fly!

Would “porci” work here?

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Ciao @morbrorper (alias System). Only for reasons of rhythm and rhyming would I use “maiali”. It just kinda sounds good.

Chissà chissà… L

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@morbrorper in borghese! Ma ti riconosciamo :sunglasses:!

Originally, in latin “maialis” is a castrated pig only.
I think the difference is lost in Italian (and they fly just as good).

But maybe that is the reason why an Italian lady would call a less-than-well-behaved man a “porco” and not a “maiale”.
Seriously, I never heard “maiale” in exclamations or insults. But that’s the only difference I know of.


@MRgK On a rather sombre day it felt good to laugh out loud. Ho riso a crepapelle and I am glad to know the maiali are still capable of take-off. You’re so right about “porco” incidentally.

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I just learned a new thing! Thank you @MRgK

“Porco” and “maiale” are synonyms, but they you can not always use them interchangeably. “Porco” is more often used figuratively (and disparagingly), or to give a moral judgement, and “maiale” more often when referring to the actual animal (or its meat).

In the example sentence (as an actual animal is the subject) both are appropriate.

When used in relation to people, “Porco” always refers to the animal sexual ehm, exuberance, while “maiale” may alternatively imply lack of hygiene or respect for others:
“Quei maiali hanno lasciato la spazzatura nel prato” (Those pigs left their garbage on the lawn).

Finally, only “porco” can be used as an adjective, often just in a “superlative” sense:

“Fa un caldo porco oggi!” (It is really hot today!)
“Questa giacca fa la sua porca figura” (This jacket is quite stylish)
“porca miseria!” or “porco cane!” are exclamations of dismay, say “damn!”

Edit: actually when referring to the meat, “maiale” is the word that is used except in set phrases such as “fare carne di porco” (to use something up until nothing is left)


Thanks, @mike-lima, for another deep insight, and a few expressions I would like to use someday!


Mi associo @morbrorper