Du täuscht dich völlig.

English Translation

You’re quite mistaken.

Should this be täuschst instead of täuscht (i.e is it missing an s) ?

On Tatoeba the author has provided versions of this sentence for Sie/Ihr/Du so there may be a cut and paste error.

You are absolutely right:

Du täuschst …
Er / Sie / Es täuscht …
Ihr täuscht …

Congratulations, even a native speaker might overlook that!

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Thank you very much for the confirmation.

I wasn’t sure if there was some special rule because the combination “schst” is difficult to pronounce (well, it certainly is for me :joy:).

Yes, there’s an s missing.
And yes, it’s hard to pronounce that even germans may silence the s. Especially with the following word starting with a d the combination gets even more difficult. The result is that people may pronounce this in many contracted ways:
täusch’dich ( ’ = unaspirated t)

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