Du hast ins Schwarze getroffen.

English Translation

You hit the bullseye.

“in the black”? Would you use this expression in general situations, or only specifically for target shooting? I don’t think I’ve ever heard this one.


It’s a common expression that can also be used figuratively. Or actually, it’s mostly used figuratively, since shooting is not a terribly popular sport.

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I saw this discussed (in German) by the wonderful Rieke on the YouTube channel “Deutsch mit Rieke” where she compares the idioms den Vogel abschießen and ins Schwarze treffen.

The discussion is here at just over 8 minutes into the video.

Her channel is for learners at B2, C1, C2 level of the CEFR scale, and I’d self-classify as a B1, so the level of her videos stretches my comprehension skills. However, I think she is an absolutely fantastic teacher/YouTuber and she’s getting close to 100,000 subscribers, so if you’d like to help her along … :wink:.

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Great video! I subscribed immediately. I’m around B2 and I was able to understand her without difficulty.

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