Du är det vackraste flickan jag någonsin sett

This is obviously bad Swedish. “Du är den vackraste flicka jag någonsin sett.”

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I’m new here (so this may be a stupid question) but does anyone correct things like this? And by that I mean do they get picked up through the forum or do you have to report them some other way?.

No, it’s a relevant question. I sometimes receive mail about some correction that I’ve suggested in an error report, but they are not in proportion to the number of my reports. I don’t think anybody regularly monitors the forums for error reports, though.

I’m not even receiving email notifications on forum discussions (although my profile is set to receive them).

If I have a question about a sentence would you recommend using the discussion thread? Or should it be an email to Clozemaster? Picking your brains as you clearly know what you’re doing on here. :smiley:

The discussion thread, definitely. Re email notifications, I think you will only receive them after some time, if you haven’t read the forums in the meantime. Since I check the forums quite often, I never get any.

Tack! As you can tell by the time it took me to reply - not having email prompts means i get distracted. :grinning:

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