Dreaming of adding more languages

Do you guys have plans or dreams of starting more languages? Do you have a list waiting? Or are you happy with the one(s) you are learning now? I’m not planning to add anything right now, since I’m learning two languages (French and Spanish) that I’m still a beginner with and struggle to find time. But still, I’m already thinking about the languages I’d like to study some day, when I’m ready. I’m tempted by Catalan and Italian. Something also draws me to Esperanto, but I don’t know how I could justify that to myself :smile: I have also studies several languages in the past, and I’m also contemplating on reviving my German that I studied in school but never really learned. But for now, if I’m trying to start another language, please say no to me!


No no no, but yes why not, Esperanto, Greek, Latin, Swedish and Norwegian. You can do it, but no don’t, quality not quantity is the way to go :wink: Hope I’ve helped - not;-)


Ahh I always dream of them of course. The more languages I encounter, the more I want to learn! Any next languages I might want to pursue in the very distant future, might include Greek, Spanish, and perhaps after that a Scandinavian and a Slavic language. And if we’re really only dreaming, I’d like to be able to at least understand the basics of Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Hindi, and many others.
But of course in the interim, I might also need to brush up on languages loved, learned to some degree, and then almost entirely lost, like Portuguese and Swahili, and even brushing up on those previously learned like German and French.
However, for the moment, I am also wisely trying to just stick with what I’m doing now, and will do for some time yet.

Ahh yes, Esperanto, and Latin, I knew I hadn’t even scratched the surface of my dream list, they should definitely be there too. And Swedish and Norwegian, great choices too. Finnish I fear will probably always remain an enigma to me.