Downloading - what a bonus!

Having never used the download function till now, I tried it today and spent 30 useful minutes sitting in my car, during a storm, and completing my Cloze. It even synched without a hitch. Will be using this feature lots more!


That’s great! How do you download?

I’m headed off tomorrow for a 10 hour flight (Japan, not Italy!) and could surely use this to good effect.

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With my new regime (ie mostly ignoring reviews) I use the Cloze app a lot more with all its great features. To the left of all your green/orange titles there’s a little cloud symbol with “Download” on it. I clicked on the work I fancied and it uploaded on my phone (senza WiFi) . Later I synched all my work to my usual tablet by clicking on the Sync symbol that popped up. Cloze just gets better n better.

Buon viaggio!