Dove li ha buttati giù?

English Original Sentence

Where did you knock them down?

Is the Italian a good translation from English?

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@morbrorper This one has worried me a few times. I still see it as *Where he threw them down - which isn’t in question form.

I wonder what others think?

Without context, it is hard to tell what this means.

What/who has been knocked down?

Is it a person, maybe in a boxing fight? Then maybe “Dove li hai stesi?” could be a translation.
Is it a building? Then “Dove li hai demoliti?”

There are a few different meanings of “knock down” and each has a different translation in Italian.


Come to think of it, my question was rather pointless, since there must be so many ways to translate a set phrase, depending on the intended meaning.

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I’m glad you asked though @morbrorper. Thanks, @mike-lima for your input!

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@morbrorper Ciao! Out of interest I have just come across this one “Dove li hai tirati giù?” Which I find fits a little better;-)

Stay cool!