Dorme con addosso le scarpe.

English Translation

He sleeps with his shoes on.

More and more I come across sentences where I can easily solve the cloze but which I do not understand at all when I start thinking about it.

This is from the preposition section.
However, “addosso” is not used like a preposition here. It is more like an adjective.
And furthermore, the word order sound strange to me: “… con le scarpe addosso”?

Obviously, ou can do something like that in English.
In German it would be a gross mistake.
“He has shoes on”
= Er hat Schuhe an. (verb = anhaben)
“He sleeps with his shoes on”
Er schläft mit angezogenen Schuhen. (You need a real adjective here.)
In Italian that would be like “Dorme con le scarpe indossate.”

So my questions are:
Can you do something like that in Italian or is it an all too literal translation from English?
If yes, is the word order correct?


con addosso is an idiomatic colocation in Italian and simply means wearing.