Does anyone know how to import sentences in bulk from Readllang


Does anyone know how to import sentences from Readlang in bulk?

Please advise


I have not used Readlang (note that you might want to fix the spelling in your title). However, I see that this video:

tells you how to export words, starting at about 1:50. In their example, they’re exporting to Anki, and apparently the default field order chosen by Readlang is the same as the order required to import into Anki (probably their default cards). You might need to rearrange the columns in the spreadsheet that you export in order to fit the order that they’re imported into Clozemaster (sentence, translation, cloze, then some optional fields like pronunciation). Finally, you’re going to import them by:

  • creating a custom cloze collection
  • clicking on the “+” button
  • choosing “import file”
  • choosing the file
  • choosing “tab” when presented with a choice between tab and comma as separator character
  • clicking the button that lets you continue with the import

If you get stuck, you can post another question in this thread.