Dlaczego jesteś ubrany?

  • English translation on CM is ‘Why are you all dressed up?’
  • Does ubrany just mean ‘dressed’ as in ‘clothed’ or does it mean ‘dressed up’ as in ‘well dressed’? Thanks

“Ubrany” means simply “dressed” or “clothed”. In colder months, it can also mean “ready to go outside” (picture a person wearing a jacket, a winter cap and boots).

To say “all dressed up”, you’d need to add an adverb and say something like “elegancko ubrany”. An even more appropriate solution might be to simply use the adjective “wystrojony”, which is derived from the verb “wystroić” (to dress oneself up, to spruce up), which in turn comes from the noun “strój” (attire, outfit – especially of the fancy/elegant kind).

My guess is that the person who translated this didn’t realize that “all dressed up” means “well dressed”, and not just “clothed from head to toes”.

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Many thanks. I’ll report this one the next time I see it.