Discord Server?

Hi All,

Would anyone be willing to join a discord server to practice their languages with natives?

My thinking being that we have users from all over the world, and we can actively use what we’re learning and ask questions to natives (if possible) about pronunciations, slang, etc.

I’m looking to establish a close friend group from all over the world that’s willing to support. The rules of the server would be obvious: Be respectful, no illegal content, focus on languages, culture, questions about your native country, and just become good friends on a journey together.

I’m American (in the southern US, yes I have the accent to an extent) but would love to make connections with clozers all over the globe.

I’ve yet to find good servers where you can really learn, discuss, and practice.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the suggestion. I already belong to (Proboards) Italianduo Club and Life&Language so don’t think I can take on more, at least for the moment. Sounds good though.