Disable 100% Reviews

Is it possible to disable reviews for words which are 100% mastered? Over the past few months I’ve been on a fairly consistent schedule of 50 new words per day and 150 reviews per day. This keeps my number of words to review quite stable (~50 from the previous day, 50 from 10 days ago, and 50 from 30 days ago – obviously this depends on your review schedule).

Today I just got an extra 1200 words added to my review queue – I can’t quite remember what I did six months ago, but I don’t think I went on some sort of binge. Oh well, that’s not the point.

The point is, this interferes with how I use clozemaster. I like it for encountering new words and sentence structures. When I encounter a word I really find difficult, I add it to anki. Clozemaster gives my ears some transcription practice and regular exposure to new stuff. I don’t use it to review things from a long time ago. Furthermore, this is eventually unsustainable. It seems as if I would get to point where all I’m doing is reviewing 100% words.

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Good points! We’d fixed a bug where mastered sentences weren’t coming up for review, but that resulted in all your mastered sentences ready for review being added to your review queue all at once. The default interval is 6 months. You can change this via the review interval settings, screenshots below. We’ll also work on getting a feature added so you can disable mastered sentences being added to your review queue entirely.

Any other feedback or anything else we can do to improve Clozemaster please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks!