Different points for reviewed sentences

Why do you score different points for different sentences at the same review level? When going from 50% mastered to 75% mastered (all text input, all in the same Most Common Words category), I am noticing that some will give 24 points while others give 12 points when answered correctly. Can someone explain why the difference?

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I have to say that I’ve not consciously encountered this myself, but then I don’t pay too close attention to the points anyway in general.

The only thing I can think of, though I guess it wouldn’t apply in your case, is if you used the “Hint” option, which gives you the first letter, that would probably halve your points, or if you switched to Multiple Choice after all, despite originally having opted for Text Input, I think that would also halve your points.

If indeed neither of the applies, which language pairing are you playing, and does it occur on the app or on web, and which OS and in the case of the latter, which browser? Any particular collection?


Thank you. I didn’t think of this possibility before, but your suggestion makes me wonder perhaps having used the multiple choice option in an earlier round sets the sentence on the MC points track even if I use the text input in later review rounds? At the beginning on Clozemaster, I was using MC whenever I couldn’t guess the word correctly which I stopped doing. I can’t tell if these are the sentences for which I once used MC but that is a distinct possibility. I stopped doing this and just let it be incorrect now, so if this theory is correct, then only those sentences from the beginning will have the reduced points. I have never used the hint option. Thank you for the clue!

To answer your questions, it is French from English and this happens in both iPhone and Windows PC, and not for any particular collection.


If you review a sentence before it’s due (e.g. if you added it to Favorites then play your Favorites; or if you manually set the percentage reviewed prior to playing the sentence), then the next time it comes up in review you will get half the points for it.

I haven’t tested whether or not you’ll continue to only get half the points for all subsequent reviews – maybe someone who knows can answer?


Ahh, thank you for the clues. I have reviewed some sentences before they were due and also have manually set the percentage for some sentences. It doesn’t matter too much because the points are not the end goal although they help keep the motivation up. I just wanted to better understand the system.