Dieser Satz muss kontrolliert werden.

A bit uncanny choice - ‘überprüft’ would be better according to the context. ‘Kontrolliert is more often used in literal sense’.

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I agree that überprüft was my first thought. But I think this sentence may actually illustrate something important about this verb.

I find that “kontrollieren” is a bit of a false cognate. The meaning is less close to the verb “control” than most native English speakers think. I see it translated “check” only sometimes; it is also frequently translated “monitor”, “supervise”, “inspect”, and “examine”, and sometimes “police”. My understanding of it is that it usually connotes a more ongoing process and a deeper or more extensive view, such as audit or quality control.

So for example, if someone said “überprüft” here I would interpret is: “We need to check this sentence once to make sure that it doesn’t have an error in it.” whereas saying “kontrolliert” I would interpret as: “We need to check this sentence on an ongoing basis to make sure that there isn’t a problem with it.” (for example, if there were a problem with spam or rude comments on the discussion page on a site like Clozemaster, or if there were some bug that were sporadically cropping up, and we wanted to check whether the bug manifested on that particular sentence. Or perhaps “We need to check that this sentence fits within our guidelines and policies.” I.e. both could be translated “check” but would have very different connotations as well as different alternate translations.

I’m not a native speaker though, so feel free to correct me if you are a native speaker!

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