Die Waren sind in gutem Zustand eingetroffen.

The audio for this pronounces the “o” in “eingetroffen” as a long o, but I thought it was a short “o”…and Forvo.com, leo.org, and Google voice all agree with me, and also from what I understand of German spelling and pronunciation it would be unusual for this to be a long “o” given that it’s followed by a double consonant.

Can any native speaker chime in, is this a valid alternate pronunciation or is it wrong / unnatural sounding? It sounds unnatural to me but I’m not a native speaker.

If it’s a mistake, is there any way to get this fixed?

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I have no idea how it sounds on the website, but it’s definitly short in this case.
From my experience with spanish: The pronounciation in Closemaster is sometimes wrong and i would love to know how to fix those cases.

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Yeah, I would love to know how to fix it too. I have reported it but I don’t know if or when such reports are acted upon.

This issue seems to be fixed by now.

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