Die Ware kam gestern an.

[details=“English Translation”]The goods arrived yesterday.[/details]. --“Die Ware” is singular, and the translation is misleading.

Although “Ware” is in singular, it is not limited to one single item. In this case, it more refers to the delivery itself, which may be comprised of several items. A merchant can have shelves full of products, but it is all just “die Ware”.
You use “Waren” in plural when talking about multiple types of products, or if you want to emphasize that there’s a certain diversity or a great amount.

On the other hand, in English, “goods” is only ever used in the plural. There is no “one good”.

Both Ware and goods are kind of uncountable / mass nouns, even though you use them with arcticles.

I think the translation is okay.