Die Truhe ist knapp einen Meter breit.

This is translated “The chest is three feet wide.” but this is wrong for THREE reasons:

(1) “Meter” is “meter” and not “feet”

(2) it says “einen” which means one, not “three”.

(3) it is ignoring the word “knapp”. Doesn’t this mean “The chest is just under one meter wide.” or “The chest is almost a meter wide.”

It depends how you look at it. If the sentence is translated from english to german the translation is correct. I’m German and if i read “three feet” i think “knapp einen Meter” or “ungefähr 90cm” because i’m used to the metric units and i have to translate the units to a size i can easily imagine.
If you translate from German to English it’s not that easy, because it depends if you translate for someone who is used to the imperial or the metric units.

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Oooooh I see it now, for some reason I didn’t put these things together, it sort of makes sense to me, but I still think it is rather poor at teaching this word.