Die Einrichtung muss geschützt werden.

When I hear “Die Einrichtung muss geschützt werden.” I picture a physical location that needs to be protected. Is this correct or can it also mean something more abstract? Google translates this “The facility…” which in English implies a physical location, whereas “Institution” has a strong connotation of a more abstract entity, i.e. one that may have a physical location, but…if you say “The institution needs to be protected.” it has a connotation of “less physical forces”…i.e. it’s not going to be bombed or flooded or somehow physically threatened, but perhaps threatened by political or economic forces.

How does the German sentence come across? It makes me think first of physical protection whereas the current English translation makes me think first of non-physical protection.

I can mean an abstract entity (and using it in that context wouldn’t come across weird) but that is not the first thing coming to my mind when I read this sentence.