Dico questo affinché tu capisca.

English Translation

I say this so that you understand.

Here is “affinché” to you all. It means “so that” in case you, guys, will never get to it because, again, it is the only one in CM. Rare? Not common? I still like it!


“Affinché” (from “al fine che”) may be a synonym of “perché”. As “poiché” it can not be used as a question word. It feels a bit bookish or old fashioned, but it is not uncommon.

There is a difference, between “affinché” and “perché” however: since “affinché” literally means “with the purpose of”, it is more specific than “perché”, as it explains why you are sayng something, while “perché” mai be used to explain both “why” something is as it is, and the intention of the speaker when sayng something. “Poiché” (Also: “dal momento che”) may be used only in the first sense of “perché”.

Edit: updated the explanation with more accurate details.

For a really old fashioned way to say it see: “Acciocché”: