Det är deras problem, inte vårt.

English Translation

It’s their problem, not ours.

Can I ask, please, why this is vårt and not våra?

“Vår” correlates in number and gender to problem, so depending on whether you view it as a singular or a plural noun you could say either. But vårt fits better with the English.

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To say “that fits better with the English” muddles me a little more (doesn’t take much).

I read that sentence as being as “ours” (plural) which is why I was confused over it not being Våra. Does the comma not separate out a sub clause there? That suggested to me that the vårt was disassociated from the “problem”.

I would say “ours” is neither singular nor plural. Another way to say it is “The problem is theirs, not ours” (Problemet är deras, inte vårt). I see the comma as providing contrast.

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