Der Tor ist glücklich.

English Translation

The fool is happy.

das Tor = the gate
der Tor = the fool

Small remark:

“Der Tor” = “the fool” is very old fashioned.
If you adress someone “Du bist ein Tor” ("you are a fool), you’ll probably earn a very amused look.

However, there is a famous sentence from Goethe’s Faust:
“Hier steh’ ich nun, ich armer Tor
und bin so klug als wie zuvor.”
It is the classic saying for someone discovering that he learned a lot but does not understand much.


Thanks. One of the peculiarities of clozemaster is that sometimes very rare uses of very common words (or I guess a rare homonym in this case) come out. I guess I will stick with Trottel or Idiot :slight_smile: