Der Glaube versetzt Berge.

English Translation

Faith can move mountains.

haha berg

I’ve never seen the verb versetzen before.

“Versetzen” has at least four different meanings.

The one in this sentence: “move something from one place to another”.

“Versetzt werden” of a pupil means that he or she is allowed to advance from one class to the next - the opposite is “nicht versetzt werden” or colloquially “sitzen bleiben”.

“Jemanden versetzen” means not to go to a meeting - or more often to a rendezvous - inspite of having promised to come (“to stand someone up”)

“Etwas versetzen” (in einem Pfandhaus) means to pawn something (in a pawnshop)…

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“versetzt werden”, and also “sich versetzen lassen”, can also mean that your employer assigns you to a different department within the company, or to a different workplace, e.g. a different city.

So I guess the basic meaning is “to relocate”.

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