Denken Sie nicht darüber nach! Tun Sie es!

English Translation

Don’t think about it. Do it.

The “nach” feels redundant to me, but apparently feel “natural” in a German in a sentence like this. Correct?

It not just feels natural, it is necessary.
You cannot say in this situation “darüber denken” (= “have an opoion about something”) , it is “darüber nachdenken” (=" ponder something)"

Don’t mix it up with “daran denken”, which is something different, although the English translation might be the same.

Let’ s imagine two movie situations:

  1. The hero and the heroine have to escape via a dangerous climb:
    Says one to the other:
    “Denken Sie nicht darüber nach.” = “Don’t think about it” (Don’t ponder the danger)

  2. John Wayne adressing the villian, who is about to draw his gun:
    “Denken Sie nicht mal daran.” = Don’t (you) even think about it!"

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Excellent! I was completely missing that “nach” and “an” (in daran) are verb prefix prepositions here, pointing the “denken” in different directions. Your clarifications are always so to the point, the ‘real’ German lurking where I can’t quite see it yet.