De flesta av våra anställda är unga.

English Translation

Most of our employees are young.

Confused here as to why this is an Adjective and not a Noun?

I’m a little confused by this question; is this a grammar exercise? If you’re wondering about “anställda”, it’s a nounified adjective: “en anställd (medarbetare), flera anställda (medarbetare)”.

The sentence is a valid translation from English.

I’m now worried for my own sanity! I went to a Grammar school and virtually had English grammar beaten into me (notice virtually, not literally). And yet…I don’t remember discussing the concept of nounified adjectives.

A little concerning :smiley:

That page seems to be about another concept, “adjectivised nouns”. I don’t think you have a direct equivalent in English.

Sorry - I was putting that there to remind me to look at the topic later. But good to know that adjectivised nouns is somewhat different.

The “other site” that I use did some kind of upgrade on 21/5 and added some new voices. Problem was about a quarter of the Swedish lessons now have no audio at all - which makes it kind of hard to complete “type what you hear exercises”. For the past 10 days I’ve been kind of marking time on my studies, just doing a quick blast on each site, and asking every day when they may fix it… Just a quirk of how i like to work that I like to get my head into Swedish and focus for an hour or so - and I can’t do that at the mo.

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