Day restarts at 11pm

The timezone info on desktop web is:

Time Zone

Saturday April 4, 2022 11:38 pm


But the reviews for the day have already reset. I am in BST, it knows it is not yet midnight, but they have reset.

Check the timezone settings on your Profile by clicking on your picture → selecting “Preferences” (the icon of the person on the right) → selecting “Profile” in the part on the left and checking the “Timezone” there (or you should be able to head directly here).

The timezone settings are correct. I am in the timezone it says, but it still resets at 11pm.

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Seems like it might be working off of GMT rather than BST then? :thinking:

There were definitely issues before, where due to the different timings of daylight saving’s coming into force in e.g. Europe and US, there was a while where the reset was off by one hour, but since all zones should’ve changed over at the moment, I’m not sure if this should still be affecting matters, unless it perhaps just ignores it altogether at the moment.

Edit: actually, having just checked the Timezone settings myself, it doesn’t list any corresponding UTC/GMT +/- X hours, it just lists geographical locations, so there’s no way of knowing whether it (currently?) accounts for daylight saving’s time in the regions where this is applicable. Perhaps @mike could check and clarify?

But it has the correct time there - in my first post it was 11:38pm, so it knows what the correct time is, knows what the correct timezone is, but still resets early.

Does it actually show the time in the “Timezone” dropdown box for you? For me it only shows timezones there. The only place where it displays a time for me on web is just my normal system time.

Actually on scrolling through the options more extensively, I saw that it does have some timezones listed by their codes/GMT+X/- designations, but not BST. There is however “etc/GMT+1”, though you’d have to manually change it back to GMT when daylight saving’s time ends. For the “Europe/Dublin” and “Europe/London” and other such options I have no idea which it’ll use.

I’ll see if I can remember to check around 11 PM today whether mine resets too or not. I used to have a time zone set so it would reset at 3 or 4 AM so I’d always be sure to still be within the same day, whether I played/reviewed sentences before or after midnight.